Thursday, February 24, 2011

♡wonderful day♡

today schedule so packed (well not that packed actually.hehe :P)
we kinda have around 4 hours gaps for the next class.
so where did my friends and i went for that long period of time?
what we going to do?
we went to our usually and the only place that we can go of course.
went there finishing our works around one and half hour.
then we take a short nap.
then we do what we usually do.CHATTING!
we <3 to chat and talking and gossiping.
but what does the title have to do with what we did?
two things that make me happy and felt that it such a wonderful day.
First! for the first time i saw newspaper that full with Korean artist (a.k.a kpop) story.
totally amazing!Korean wave totally has made a totally arrived the Malaysia.
Korean wave totally made people crazy and getting a KPOP fever! =3
secondly!i saw Mr.T!!kyaa~
he was sitting there alone and doing revision.
honestly it the first time i able to 'tenung' him clearly.
he so so so CUTE!!
but i only able to see him for a while.
because that time got another class.huhu =(
but never mind, i felt happy enough to be able to see him.


♡journey of my life♡