Tuesday, May 3, 2011

♡the scariness alone in the night♡

omo bloggie!!!
i'm so freaking tired now.
but body all in pain due to not enough rest.
huhu TT.TT

okay,let's tell what happen yesterday.
yesterday i went home totally late (my parents keep nagging to me) cause have rehearsal for tomorrow event
out from msu around 8.30PM!
that totally late right!
and i arrived home around 10.30 PM!! (totally late!!)
then going to ktm segambut (send by miss eby)
at the ktm i totally feel freaking scared!
1st, in front there got a tanah perkuburan
2nd, there not so many people there!!!
3rd, there an uncle who keep staring at me for no reason!!!!! X(
i was totally feel scared.
when that uncle move, my heart pound really fast
and i walked away very very far away from that uncle!
seriously,it really scary.
and i really don't want to face the same situation ever again!!!

p/s:totally don't want to come to the rehearsal today
totally damn scare with what happen last night ;(


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