Sunday, July 3, 2011

♡tired+cramp leg+disappointed♡

today is the most tired day i ever had.
this what had happen.
on 11am i took train from kg baru to masjid jamek.
at masjid jamek i went to the mydin and look for the green 120 pages thick cover log book for my microbiology classmates
however i feel totally disappointed when there only 6books available
so what i do i hide the books and went to pasar seni
i went to the popular book store there
with a new hope that there will be plenty green 120pages thick cover log book there
i really need 26 log books though.
again disappointed arrive again
there only 5of them
arghh!so tension!!
well what to do i just bought them (better than nothing right)
then went to uo pasar seni (usually there got)
but again disappointed.
no the requirement book at all
not a single book
then went back to mydin's masjid jamek
bought the 6books that i found and it makes it 11books
and i need 15 more books!
where can i find it??????
oh!that right.
jalan raja alang got 1 mydin.
in order for me to save my budget travel, i just walked from masjid jamek to raja alang
(which is really far)
before that,something that make me happy happen
i found the new epop magazine and the cover is SHINee!!!
kyaaa~so happy and without thinking i just bought it ^^
back to the story
i walked and walked and walked until i feel like my leg want to tercabut already
at infront the maju junction got traffic light
when the 'walk' sign appear, i just walk
but i don't know that the sign not to be lama
and what happen was that when i walk cross the street
the red light suddenly appear to green
and i almost get hit by car.
i cannot run during that time
cuz i'm carry so heavy books in my arm
but alhamdulillah i still alive
if not i will be dead now.huhu
(oh ya,thank to the foreigner who saw me almost been hit a car for being worry.i'll be more careful next time ^^ )
again i walked and walked without any rest (cause the time show 3pm and it really late)
and finally i arrive at mydin chow kit
i pray and hope there will be some of the book
but so sad i only found 1 book TT.TT
so totally 12 only.haaa~ *sigh*
my leg then suddenly become cramp and cannot walk anymore
so i sit at the maybank stairs and called my dad to pick me up
my dad picked me up and safely arrive home
but still i feel so worry about the not enough book
i'm sure they will be mad at me :(
around 4pm my lay down on the bed and take a rest for awhile
and now my leg still feel hurt
i hope y leg will be okay tomorrow

to my classmate i'm so sorry about the books
i tried my best to find it
hope you guys will forgive me :(


♡journey of my life♡