Monday, February 14, 2011


When ever see the date, you will think about Valentine's day.
Well I never celebrate Valentine's day (because it's haram for muslim to celebrate Valentine's day)
Every 14 February, I'm not celebrating Valentine's day but I only celebrate my friend's birthday..Ayu! :D
But this year I won't celebrate her birthday because we stay really far away now.
So I'm only wish her happy birthday ;)
As for this year, got another friend of mine who celebrating her birthday on Valentine's day.
It's Bavithra unnie! :D
Want to know what happen today on 14February2011??
Let's check it out ;)


Actually we plan a birthday surprise party for the birthday girl.
The four of us (Harjeet, Sharon, Malini and I) planned it last minute.
Harjeet, Sharon and Malini actually didn't wish her happy birthday on facebook.
They actually do it purpose.
As for me, I already wished her happy birthday. If I know they want to do a birthday party for her I would never wish her happy birthday so early.huhu
Well what to do. It's to late already.
So I just pretend like nothing happen.keke
We went for English class and after that we went to Old Town White Coffee (OTWC).
She (the birthday girl) actually pissed off with us (including me since she didn't read yet my birthday wish) because we forgot her birthday
When we on the way to OTWC, we kinda lost already.
we went round and round and round (so dizzy T.T)
but we finally found the place :D
Malini, the birthday girl and I waited inside the restaurant (miss melda actually found a really suitable place to sit.yay!haha ) as the other two prepared the cake.
as they come in...SURPRISE!!happy birthday unnie!!
she was so surprise and all of us been awarded as the best actress ever.
haha :D
so we ate the cake and lunch. malini and I ate chicken noodle while the other 3 ate prawn noodle.
so so so delicious! :D
after that we went to sunway pyramid and have fun.
when we want to go there, we got lost. same thing happen when we want to go back to shah alam.
today such a crazy day but totally had fun :)

here some pictures that we tool :D

chocolate yummy! :D

harjeet at sunway.taken by mel :)

mel and harjeet selca at sunway

harjeet, sharon, bavi and malini

group picture ;)

sharon and harjeet

Actually there so many selca picture that I took (pictures of myself :P)
I kinda getting excited to took my own pictures.
later I'll put all my selca picture during the 140211 on the next post.
Till then have a nice day :)


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