Tuesday, February 15, 2011

♡busy day?♡

Today is Maulidul Rasul and no class today :)
Even though no class that doesn't mean I can relax.
I got o finish my works. Got a lot of lab reports need to be done.huhu
So I been working on it since 12PM and guess what I finished everything on 6PM!
This because I took a long long break by watching Dream High.
Damn that drama so cool!
Once I watch it I won't stop from watching it.haha
Even I watched to many korean drama, but my lab reports still finish right.
So yay for me.haha :P

like I promised on last post, here are some sleca of my self at sunway ;)


well there actually lot more of my selca picture during at sunway but I only post it few.
later you guys going to vomit when ever see so many selca picture of myself.haha

Till then have a nice day ;)


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