Sunday, February 27, 2011

♡cute baby♡

after a long time!
i met her!
the cute baby that i really miss so much!
totally miss her so much.
today i met her.
she so cute and yet she getting bigger now.
totally miss taking her picture.
totally miss playing with her.
most important is i really miss the way she call my name.
huhu T.T
when i met her today i feel so so happy.
i though she forget bout me already but she actually not.
she smile and giggling when she saw me.
she so happy to see me! :D
i hope someday i will be able to meet her and play with her again.
and take her cute picture again.
like the old time =3

nida,miss you so much!
hope you always in good health and always happy.

♡journey of my life♡