Sunday, February 20, 2011

♡domo vs elmo♡

Domo and Elmo!
which one to choose! kyaa~
honestly it's really hard to choose between both of them.
people always think that Domo actually look ugly.
as for me....
Domo so so so so cute and adorable!
i don't care with what people say about Domo.
no matter what Domo still cute to me ;)
as for Elmo, i totally like Elmo since i was little.
i still remember when i watched 'Sesame Street'
since that day i totally become Elmo fan (and also big bird :P)
if i have a lot of money, i will buy every stuff that have connection with Domo and Elmo.
i will buy everything!!! :D


Miss Nasuha said...

I've always loved elmo too!

♡domo-kun♡ said...

oh,you do?waa~so cool!never though my own lecturer is an elmo lover.hehe :D

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