Saturday, February 19, 2011

♡only dreams♡

dreams..i'm sure everyone have their own DREAM.
i also have my own dream.
my dream is to be a doctor.
i want to help people who sick and give treatment to them so that they can live like other healthy people.
how am i going to full fill my dream?
by study hard..
i'm not from a wealthy family.
the persons who been take care of me and support my education now was MY PARENTS.
because of them i able to study at university.
because their hard work to collect money i able to move towards my dream.
my journey to my dream is still far ahead.
no matter what MY PARENTS always there for me.
i promise my self that i will study really hard.
i will make them proud and become a doctor.
i promise that i will take care of MY PARENTS until the end :)

♡mum and dad,I love you so much
♡thank you for everything that you done to me :)


Miss Nasuha said...

That's sweet of you. I'm sure your parents are proud to have you as their daughter.

♡domo-kun♡ said...

hehe.I hope I can make my parents proud of me :)

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