Wednesday, February 16, 2011


you guys must be wondering about the title today.
well today I felt happy but at the same time there disappointment in my heart.

let's hear the happy thing first shall we..
the happy thing is that after a long time..
I finally know HIS name!
kyaa~ :D
who who who who??
well he the guy that I been admire since orientation.haha
one of my classmate actually his friend during the orientation.
what a luck! :D
well totally happy after know his name.
now I shall call him 'Mr.T'
dung dung~ (dancing to fx-NU ABO Victoria's part :P)

now for the disappointment that I felt..
well let's just say that I feel disappointed because the dreams that I ever wanted will never become reality.
I will never know how his voice.
I will never see him face to face.
 and most important thing is I will never ever get his love.

well never mind then.
It's okay if my dreams won't become reality.
I'm tired of waiting for something that won't ever come.
and I'm tired crying for someone who didn't love me
and I'm tired of hoping for true love.
and I'm tired of thinking someone who forgot, didn't think or didn't care about me.
(it totally painful when i said these words)
now just live happily and keep smiling even though it feel so hurt.
smile smile smile and smile :')

till then,take care~


♡journey of my life♡