Saturday, February 5, 2011

♡it's all about K-pop ♡

It's all about K-pop. I love K-pop so much. I love to listen to their songs and I totally love their dance. My first Korean artist that made me in love with K-pop was this guy.

His name is Bae Yong Joon. I starting to like him when I watched his drama, 'Winter Sonata'. He look so cool and handsome on that drama. Since the day I watched the drama, I started watching Korean drama. Now, I totally addicted with Korean songs and Korean idols. My first Korean band that melt my heart was SHINee.

The first song that melt me was 'Noona neomu yeppo (noona you're so pretty)'
The song and the music is really addictive. Once I heard this song, I can't stop listening to it.
As time flies, these five handsome guys become matured.
Their songs and the dance have become more powerful.
Their innocent attitude has catch my heart.
Among these five guys, I'm totally a Onew bias.
Onew is the oldest member and he is the leader for this group.
Why I like him the most among the other members?
For me, he look so cute, handsome, and his voice is so beautiful.
He got an angelic and unique voice ever.
Listening to his voice totally melt my heart ♡
I'm not only a SHINee lover, but a lot more other K-pop artist that I adore such as 2PM, BEAST, SS501 and lot more.
K-pop lover doesn't mean that I only like boy's group.
I also like other girls group such as F(X), KARA, SNSD, 4MINUTE and lot more.
But no matter what SHINee still the best for me.

Here are some pictures of my favorite K-pop bands :)

Onew SHINee ♡

Yang Yoseob from BEAST. He my favorite among the BEAST members ♡
2PM. In this group my most favorite is Wooyoung (middle at the bottom) ♡

*Once you become a K-pop lover, you will become always become a K-pop lover ;)


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