Thursday, June 11, 2009

♡the lost♡

Today like usually i went to tuition. Since today school holiday, my friends and I decided to gather at Ampang Park at 4pm.
Class start on 5pm. It only took about 30minutes to go to the tuition center.
I came to Ampang Park station 5minutes early so I just sitting on the bench and wait for my friends.
Today i feel a bit uneasy and feel kinda weird.
Well i try to cheer myself by taking my own pic. (that what i usually do when I feel bored or uneasy in order to cheer me up)
But I still feel uneasy and feel like something bad going to happen. I hope nothing bad going to happen..
Around 4.05pm Fyda and Fatin came. I try to smile and act like nothing happen.
When train came we hop in and when to the tuition center at Setiawangsa...

♥ ♥ ♥

We arrive at the Setiawangsa station around 4.20pm..We then have to walk about 10minutes exactly to Saujana Gemilang (the name of the tuition center. Its better known as PTSG)
The weather that day feel really dim and it's seem like its going to rain. We better hurry or else we going to be soaked wet in the rain.
But still i still feel uneasy and feel worry bout something.  And slowly I feel like I'm going to lost something that really precious to me..
What is this feeling?
Finally we arrive at PTSG after a long walk. When we arrive, the form 4 students already finish class. As soon as form 4 class end we went in and sit at our usual place.
Sharp on 4.48pm, I receive a message from the person I know. Shii..
It shock me when I receive the message. I cried after I read it. Few seconds later Fatin also receive the same message from Shii..
I can't stop crying. I ran to the toilet,washed my face and try to calm down myself..
Went back to class,change seat and stay alone in one corner. That time I feel like I want to fly to Sabah..
I can't focus on the class and they class that usually full with laughter has become silent when my classmates see me sad..
When class finish my teacher asked me why I suddenly become silent but I didn't answer her question and give a really bitter smile.
I'm the first to get out from the tuition center.

♥ ♥ ♥

On the way home,in the car,me and my friends just silent. Fatin didn't stop sending message to be in order to calm me..
Mel, I hope you okay. Don't be too sad cause its not good for your health. I'm sorry with what had happen.
As soon as I arrive home, I ran to my room and cry and cry and cry.
Its just a bad dream. I'm sure its only a bad dream. He won't ever leave me alone. He promise me he won't leave me alone.

Today, 11 JUNE 2009. Let  us all pray for our dear friend Mikey (Mifzal Adwan) who just passed away 15minutes ago because suffer from leukimia. A honest,fun to be with,a great dancer,pure,tough,kind,respectful,a lovely boy and a very caring friend. Indeed its a very huge and big lost for all of us,but God loves him more. May his soul rest in peace. -Shii...


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