Friday, June 12, 2009

♡letter of sadness♡

I woke up from bed like usual..I woke up like nothing had happen..I tried to live like nothing had happen to me..
But no matter how hard I pretend, I still can't accept the fact that he gone from my life..
My life really empty without him..If before I'm the happy-go-lucky girl who laugh and that girl totally gone..
I became quiet and like to lock myself in my room..
I open my inbox and check the latest message that I received from Shii..

To Melda, firstly I want to apologize to you from head to toe. I know I always make you sad and disappointed. I'm so sorry.By the way, its pleasure to meet you and I've thank God to know such a good person like you. I hope you take care yourself and if you got problem I hope you will share with other people rather than yourself. I believe Shii will always there for you Cause she's your best friend right?I hope that you will kept your promise. Lastly guys, if you guys saw a very bright and beautiful star up in the skies, maybe its me. If you guys missed me, just think of me. I'll be there for you guys.

It was the last letter that he left for me..I cried when I read it..
Oh..I miss him so damn much..It feel really empty when he not around..
Feel like there no point living anymore without him..But I realize that its no use for me to keep mourn about him..
I'm sure he won't be happy too when seeing his little sister being sad cause of him..

♥ ♥ ♥


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