Tuesday, March 22, 2011

♡1박 2일 at malacca♡

1박 2일!!!

that the slogan of my favorite korean show.
it actually mean 2 days 1 night.
and what actually it have to do with it.
well i just came back from the malacca trip for 2 days 1 night.
totally fun but at the same time so so tired.
as soon as we reach the malacca (at the taming sari)..
do the ice breaking and i'm on team 5.
do some logo and do some cheer (only our group do cheer.haha)
then it raining so have to wait for the rain to stop then we can continue do our activity.
before that let's have so lunch!
the lunch totally spicy!i think i burned my tongue.haha XD
then do explore race!
running around the A'famosa.
climbing here climbing there.
then have to learn indian word (i only remember the word gadigaram and serepe XP)
so so so so much fun!!! =3
then we checked in to the hotel and my roomates are....
miss wany oh wany,miss eby and miss fifah!
take a bath and take a nap for awhile (i can't sleep so keep disturbing miss fifah.hehe)
and then eat delicious dinner.
during the night though want to go to the night safari but it's raining.
the animals don't want to go out and play with us.
so sad.huhu
but we change the activity and went to the river cruise and it was awesome!!
so pretty and fantastic!!
then do individual activity.eby, wany and i walking around the malacca at night.
watching the beautiful scenery and pretty house.
we then went to McD and walking back to the hotel.
walking???why walking???didn't go by bus??
nah~we want to walk.we want to enjoy the lovely city of malacca during night
and the hotel and McD not that far.hehe
reaching the hotel directly eat McD while watching 8tv.
something happen that was 12.30am and i was about to go to sleep.
but my friend was still watching 8tv.then suddenly.........
i heard baki zainal suddenly said suju show 3!!
immediately woke up and wait for suju to come.haha.suspen uh.keke
next day don't have energy to go out so just wait at the hotel until 12pm.
then went lunch and watch rumah warisan at the mini asia.
then go back home to msu.
seriously have so so so much fun eventhough feel tired and got a bit issue that make me feel a bit no mood.
to miss lee and the seniors!!
thanks for the experience and fun time we had.
you guys the best.

1박 2일!!!!!

(director Na,sorry for using this tread mark of your show.hehe :P)

here some pictures that we took ;)



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