Monday, March 28, 2011

♡hard decision♡

today first class for the short semester started.
how was it?well so far so good.
now i have to make a decision whether to stay with malaysian study or drop it.
malaysian study suppose to take during the semester 3 which is long semester.
but on this short semester i get that subject.
what subject is malaysian study actually?
for your information.
its not Bahasa Malaysia.
it actually history subject and i already asked my senior about that subject.
she said that about 70% from the SPM.
she also told me that have to struggle really hard because it quite tough.
i was wonder why most student say history subject tough?
why they hate that subject?
i admit that at first i hate that subject during my high school.
but honestly it not that tough.
what we need not only hard work but also positive thinking.
if we keep saying it tough, for sure it will be really tough for you.
i asked my friends opinion about the subject.
my best friend really give a spirit.
she really think that i can carry that subject for this short semester.
and one of my orientation friend also said positive thing to me.
but a lot of my classmate keep saying negative stuff to me.
and it slowly making me loose my spirit and almost making me to drop that subject
because of their reason.
now i don't want to hear any negative opinion or reason about this subject.
what i want to do now is follow the flow and follow what my heart say.
now what i want to do is to enter the class like in the schedule.
i will enter the class this week.
if i think it too tough for me then i will drop the subject.
but i believe that i can do
i believe that i can carry this subject.
i believe that it won't be tough like what the others told me.
believe in yourself..
always think positive..
do your very best..
and always pray..
Insya-Allah everything will be okay.
Insya-Allah nothing will stop you to success.

p/s:congratulation to my little friend,ying ling.
for getting straight A's on SPM :)


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