Wednesday, March 30, 2011

♡Brand New Kiss♡

great news you guys!
U-kiss just release their new song title '0330'
on the new song, we will be introduce with the new member
from the MV we can see the new member ability
for my opinion, the both of them quite good
i know that all the kiss me (u-kiss fan club) still sad about what had happen to the former members
kim kibum and alexander.
kibum and xander already left the group
not because the want to leave the group
but it because the company asked them to leave
i  actually don't know the reason why they had to leave the group
but both xander and kibum take it positively
i ever watch a talk show where they interview kibum
and ask about what had happen
during the incident the person that totally frustrated was his older brother
kim hyun jun from SS501
now he will help his brother to run an anime store (a cute doll store! :D)
at least he got something to do right :)
as for xander oppa,since the incident no one know what happen to him
based on the article they said that he want to continue study
but no one know whether it's true or not

well let's forget what had happen and let's move on.
let's support U-kiss no matter what happen
and i'm sure that kibum and xander oppa will also always support U-kiss
even though they not in the group anymore
let's give support to the new members Aj and Hoon
hope both of them success in the U-kiss

now,let talk about their new song '0330' shall we ;)
the MV totally cute (actually want to say DongHo superbly cute! :D)
it actually a sad song (for me it a sad song ;(  )
from my opinion, the song maybe about a guy who totally in love with a girl
and that guy totally can't forget her after she gone
well why don't you watch it for yourself
you easily understand what does the song about right after you watch the MV
enjoy! :)


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