Thursday, April 28, 2011

♡드라마 퀸♡

oh bloggie!miss you so much!
sorry cause didn't update it.
i got exam.huhu you know what this word for my post mean?
im sure you are a smart 'person' after all.keke :)

드라마 퀸!
it's a nice word right bloggie.haha
well so many things had happen.
bad stuff and also a good stuff.
the good stuff is that finally my midterm exam finish!
miss wany,don't get jealous okay.keke :D
well this word didn't show to anyone who still alive or die already
it's a random word for everyone.
if any of you who read this and terasa,do forgive me
siapa makan cili terasalah pedasnya ye. :D

드라마 퀸...
why suddenly this word appear??
well for some reason i totally hate with 드라마 퀸 people
they totally annoyed me
well you guys will know how annoyed you guys will feel when you ever meet the 드라마 퀸.
when you meet them, the only thing that you want to do is..
slap their face!
seriously, they totally annoying!
being so dramatic..
always think they right..
want people to pay more attention to them..
and one thing about this 드라마 퀸 is that they so selfish.
the 드라마 퀸 only want to people to take care of the feeling
some of the 드라마 퀸 such a good actor/actress
want to know what they will do?
they will 'acting' that they mad..
'acting' that they up sad in front of the others..
they will so many action scene that you guys won't expect they will do

it kinda sad to meet one of the 드라마 퀸.
they actually didn't realize that other people respect toward them will slowly decreasing
and it will eventually will disappear like that
they didn't actually realize that one day no one will respect them
for all the 드라마 퀸 out there..
please change your annoying attitude.
honestly it really sad to see how people will treat you
i really do mean it
so please change your annoying attitude if you want people to respect you as a human
and one more thing..
some of the 드라마 퀸 sometimes love to share their story or feelings to others
it's not a sin to throw out your feeling
but some of the 드라마 퀸 not only love to share their feelings
some of them love to complain with others
they can do complain but the best thing to do before complain something to someone is to gather around and discuss first
after that if you want to complain go ahead.
no one will stop you.
other than that don't be a hypocrite person
don't be someone else that you actually not
don't la go to someone that have more power than you
be nice nice person to them so that they can back up you
so that you can menagih simpati to them
don't make you much more pitiful.

well that all i want to talk about the 드라마 퀸.
hope all there won't be any 드라마 퀸 around us.
hope the 드라마 퀸 can insaf and start to change
one last thing is sorry if this post making you guys who reading this terasa.
like i said siapa makan cili terasalah pedasnya
till then.have a nice day! :)

enjoy this video.a nice song from Son Dam Bi ;)


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