Saturday, April 2, 2011

♡cute IU♡

have you ever watch DREAM HIGH?
did you guys know the cute Kim Pil Suk (KPS) who in love with Jason?
do you know who is that girl who play the role of KPS?
omg!i totally like her so much!
she so cute and her voice totally superbly nice!
plus i love her high note voice.
about the acting skill, she totally look cute!
she do can act
and yet she look so so natural on that drama
it seems like that character do show herself.
she really did well on the drama ^_^
but did you know her real name?
to those who don't know, let me tell you guys a bit bout her :)

her real name is Lee Ji Eun  (이지은)
and her stage name is IU (아이유)
she born on May 16, 1993
thats mean she one year younger than me!
her first appearance is on the 2008 mini album, lost and found.
she love to read, sing and dancing
she from LOEN agency
and her favorite artist is Kim Tae-Woo (his high note totally daebak!)

the first song that make me become her fan was the song title Marshmallow!
that song superbly cute! (love that marshmallow costumn ;) )

after that there were a song where she duet with Seulong 2AM title Nagging.
during the Dream High drama, we can see that she really do talented.
we can see her ability playing the guitar and singing.
every drama have their OST song and IU doesn't leave the chance to sing one of the song
she sang the song 'Someday' and that song so sweet
her latest song was 'Good day' and also 
'The Story I Didn't Know'
the Good Day song a nice and cute song
on that song she straighten her hair and she look so mature
as for the other song, The Story I Didn't Know, that song so sad.
i almost cried when i heard that song for the first time

my wish is that i hope IU will always success
we will always support her
IU hwaiting! :D
thats all for now
before that, let's hear the Good Day song shall we
enjoy ;)

p/s:really hope for Dream High 2 *winkwink


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