Saturday, May 28, 2011

♡thank you so much♡

have you ever been left alone by other people?
have you ever be the last person to be pick?
does you ever been ignore by other people before?
my life again alone in the darkness
people always left me alone
and that 'people' always be the person that i really trust
and care
that 'people' is the person that i call FRIEND
i guess i'm never be their friend after all
they only will remember me when ever they need help
they only will look for me when there actually no one else to ask help from
but do they ever know what i feel when they always abandon me?
i guess they never know
they will never know
that FRIEND only be friend
with smart person
maybe a rich person
pretty or cute person
only be friend with their own standard
i think that is why they keep abandon me
i'm only a IPTS student
i'm not SMART like the other people who enter IPTA
i'm not pretty or cute like THEM
i'm not from a rich family
it seem like life really unfair and cruel
i guess i shouldn't be too loyal and trust anyone anymore
to that FRIENDS of mine

thank you thank you so much for being a 'nice' friend
really appreciate it
do ignore me forever until the end of your life
i know that i'm no one to you
and i just realize that i never be a true FRIEND to you
again thank you so much
take care yourself
and hope you happy with other nice,cute,pretty and smart friends
that you have there


♡journey of my life♡