Sunday, June 12, 2011

♡last day♡

today is the last day of semester break.
tomorrow going to start the new semester.
new semester means new life.
i will study really really hard and raise back my pointer.

now want to share my new lover.
who who who?
its..... SONG JOONG KI!! ^_^
i like him since his first appearance on music bank.
his trademark of 'woaaa~' totally look adorable :D
but my love to onew will never fade.
onew will always be number 1 in my heart.

song joong ki oppa and onew oppa look a bit similar don't you think.
their eyes do look small
and when the smile...
waaa~totally make me melt

they do look alike right :)

they look alike!i could die if both of them wink at me ♡♡


the different between both of them is that joongki oppa doesn't know how to dance.
he totally look stiff when dancing.
but still he look so cute and handsome when he dance ^_^

look at him dancing gee.and the wave so funny and cute! :)

this during his first debut as music bank MC ^^

he do look cute right.
now i want to recommend to all of you my new favorite variety show.
the show totally daebak!
you guys should watch it.
click here to watch the show with english sub.
enjoy! ^_^

p/s:cannot wait for to start new semester ^_^


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