Wednesday, July 6, 2011

♡lunch outing♡

date: 6 July 2011
location: McDonald's Shah Alam Seksyen 2 (i think so la.kk :P )

hello hello hello guys!
long time no updating ;)
well this what had happen today
today,me and my classmates went to McD Seksyen 2.
having lunch with them
why have to be at seksyen 2 while there is a McD that near to campus?
well simple want to go far away
we want to create memories together ^^
well we went there my Miss Eby's car
6 people in the car!
waaa~so many!luckily me, Miss Sharon, Miss Wany and Miss Harjeet
badan kecil
if not, there will be a person who will sit in the car bonet
as soon as arrived at the McD went to order
we so so so so hungry!! >.<
we eat...
we chat..
we took picture..
and we even play true or dare game...
oh ya, not to forget the time when Miss Harjeet become a translator for a day
the part in the car so funny XD
there was a thing that make all of us laugh so hard
the time when M.Wany get scared when she see feather
and the most memorable part is when she actually scream really loud
at the globe when M.Sharon scared her with a feather
so so so funny!
we cannot stop laughing because of it XD

believe it or not
i miss doing this stuff with my high school friends
it really bring up my memories with them :')
and to my classmates,thanks for the day
had so much fun guys
and lets create more memories together okay =D 
that's all for today

i don't know why i look so nice ==
(from left:me,wany,syamil)

M.Sharon (wear specs) n M.Harjeet with their fries~

our delicious lunch!yumyumyum~

a big pile of fun fries! =3

M.Eby's McChicken~

expression when become full =P

p/s: OMO!
so so so so happy when i see him today^^


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