Friday, July 8, 2011

♡my memory♡

my memory..
At that moment I remembered it all..
i still remember the day we know each..
i still remember the way you being concern toward me..
i still remember the day i looking for you..
i still remember the day i wait for you to come..
i still remember the day we talking until late of night..
i still remember all the happiness that we had together..
and i also still remember the sadness that i had..
i still remember the day i cried because of you..
now everything change already..
everything that we had together only become a memory..

i though i will be able to move on without you..
but as time pass..
i really miss you..
i could not forget you at all..
i though i won't be crying anymore and just live happily..
but i was wrong..
every time i remember about you i cry..
every time i went to place that had memory about you..
i cry..
every time i see the presents that you gave to me..
i cry..
i really miss you so much..
i really wish that day won't ever happen..
i really wish that what had happen only a nightmare..
but it not a dream..
it a reality..
and i have to accept the reality no matter what..
even though it really pain..
but i'll try to be happy..
i try not to cry anymore..
because i know..
that you will be up sad if you see me keep crying because of you..
the only thing that i want you to know..
i really really miss you so much..
i won't ever forget about you..
and you will always be the only one to me..
no one else except you~


♡journey of my life♡