Saturday, August 27, 2011


i'm not at malaysia yoo..
now at indonesia..
this year raya at here..
you guys must be wondering why right..
well thanks to my brother who want to come here so badly!
but he keep insist me to come here with him..
his way on insist me is by pay the tickets for me..
well okay then..
so i come with him..
with a positive thinking that it will be fun
(eventhough feel a bit sad cause cannot raya with y parents T.T )
departure date is on 27 August..
time of departure is on 12.45pm flight..
will be depart at KLIA..
the flight take time about 50 minutes.
then arrive at polonia..
as soon as at polonia been waiting at there for about 1 hour..
nevermind melda..think traffic jam there..later sure you going to have fun..
hope so >.<

as soon as i arrive at my cousins but didn't go out..

today is the 2nd day at here..
and today is the first day i sahur here.huhu
as soon as i awake..
i wish we can go somewhere and have fun..
totally feel damn bored here..
early in the morning watching tv only..
and guess what!
there so many boy band here want to be just like kpop boy band!
they totally want to be like them.
argh!please laa.their songs so so so not nice to hear..
the dance totally lame..
plus there no look at all..however..
there someone that i have to admit he look handsome..
he from the SMASH group..don't know what his name and don't want to know..
he look exactly just like junhyung b2st but still..
junhyung is still much more handsome...hehe :D
around 11am (malaysia time) when to the medan mall...finally can go out!
it's shopping brother and i went there with my cousin's son and daughter..
there my brother bought a sweater and i bought a bag
however it really bored cause the kids want to go home early..
what the.....!!!
we just arrive there and want to go home already..
what to do..have to follow them then..since we didn't know selok belok of this place..


if 2 days here feel bored already..
 wonder how i will survive here until 4 sept..
their perspective is way way way diff from our perspective..
for them during puasa cannot go will feel tired easily...
so just stay home..
as for us, we won't feel tired at all if we go out during puasa..
it find for us..instead we feel so damn bored when stay in the house doing nothing!!
now i feel like i want to go home..
want to go out to TS, BB, KLCC..
so so so so bored!!!!!

p/s:kuala lumpur!!!i miss you so much!!! T.T


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