Wednesday, August 24, 2011

♡fun day♡

today had so much fun going out with shii and her boyfie.
the three of us went for shopping yo!
raya shopping.haha
first went to wangsa walk..
walk and walk and walk..
nothing interesting to buy..
then went back to shii's house to sent her car since someone want to use it
after almost 1 year i didn't meet shii's mummy!
and today i able to meet her!
totally miss going to her house :')
after the short and yet wonderful reunion with her mummy..
finally went for the real shopping event..
going to Jalan TAR!
fuh~so tired looking for shii's, her boyfie and most importantly her mummy baju raya..
lastly found the baju raya..
so happy ^^
then went to Times Square..
to buka puasa at there..
at Johnny's..
but as soon as we come, time for berbuka already..
luckily we bought something to bebuka.hehe ^^
hasrat to berbuka at Johnny's tak kesampaian..
totally full..
so we went to shop for shoes..
bought a pair of shoes for me..
and shii bought 2 pair of many!
after walk and walk found subway!
waaa~apa lagi makan subway la.
pay on me okay :)
then continue back shopping before they sent me back home...
as soon as arrive infront the house..
daddy waited for me and sambut kedatangan mereka..
kelas gitu..keke
apa2 pun thanks to them for the wonderful shopping day..
later we go out and lepaking together okay.hehe

oh ya..
happy birthday to you my beloved mom..
i love you so much!

p/s:first time daddy and mummy so happy when 
seeing me come back home late ^^


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