Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♡sweet 9teen♡

yay!finally im 9teen!
haha XD
this year much more special.
this year birthday exactly the 10th day of puasa.
syukur alhamdulillah ^^
here what happen when i being a birthday girl for a day..
nothing special happen actually..
as usually a lot of my msu friends wish me happy birthday..
on the's raining..
waa~hujan rahmat lor.. *more smiley ^^ *
and something happen..
that time the semester 2 students there while waiting for their next class
wany, syamil and i waiting for eby *who also same class with the sem 2*
during that time..
syamil starting to become a conductor and sang happy birthday song
*my face so red cause so shy*
'thanks' the only word that i can describe.
the same incident happen during the parasitology II class
and yet it make me more shy..
this time syamil got a partner
and that person non other than..
so so so so so shy!!
that time we doing experiment
the lecturer at the in front just smiling..
only god know how shy i am.huhu
thank you so much for the birthday song..
really appreciate it..
luckily i didn't cry..haha

but eventhough i feel happy because of my birthday
but at the same time i feel something missing
there actually someone special didn't wish for my birthday
that person is really far away from me
feel sad when that person didn't wish my birthday at all
is that person remember my birthday?
more over..
did that person do remember me?
no one can answer the questions including shii and sern


♡journey of my life♡