Thursday, August 18, 2011

♡the lift♡

okay today got a lot of thing happen in a lift
well not that many la
just few incident only
the first one happen when i just arrive at the campus
guess what
after a long time
i finally see his face!
i feel so excited!
and moreover we in the same lift!
kyaaa~  *happy happy happy*

the other incident happened when my friends and i want to go back home
what a lucky day
Dato' Wira in the same lift with us! :D
*he look so smart!*
he really friendly
he directly talked with us when we enter the lift
the most memorable time that make all of us laugh when he teasing me
i standing behind his back
he asked us what semester are we
when we say we in the 3rd sem, he look at me and said..
"kecil ni 3rd semester ke?waaa~saya ingat semester 6"
nice one Dato'
all my friends non stop laughing
they keep laughing until in the car
kekekeke XD


♡journey of my life♡