Tuesday, October 18, 2011


what a tired day today
today went to putrajaya to settle down my parents pastport
before going to indonesia
fuhh~we totally get lost went we want to go to the imigresion
*it's been a while we went there though*
then after going there, i have to settle down all the documents
have to fill up the form
then take number
*totally regret for wearing high heels T.T *
then after give all the documents and forms..
have to wait..
the only thing that we need only a chop!
that's all
but the process taking for more than one hour.
so depressing waiting there
and yet the guy who settle down my parents form totally trick me
he told me to wait for 4 hours only
totally been tricked T.T
*yet so thankful we don't have to wait for that long of time*
reach home around 2pm
then it's raining
feel so tired
therefore it really a suitable time to sleep!
now cannot wait to go to indonesia with my parents!


♡journey of my life♡