Tuesday, March 13, 2012

♡it's been awhile♡

it's been a while for me to update my blog
well i don't have time to update it though
been busy with studies
i'll try to take a little time to update this blog
honestly, on the day i updated this blog..
so many things in my mind..
and i don't know how i want to let it go though
i guess this blog is the only way for me to release everything
now it's March already
how was your beginning of 2012?
i hope everything going well
as for me.. many things had happen
things that mostly sad and disappointed stuff had happen
so many until make me want to cry
and i ever thinking to kill myself
it just so though me
a lot of people told me to stay strong
but i just don't know until when i can stay strong
i just don't know until when i can keep this up
only God know how i really feel
and yet i never stop praying to Him
to make me stay strong
and make everything go well for me and my family
now the only people that i really want to meet are
my 2 best girl friends
i just wish that i could meet both of them
hanging out together
have some fun
so that i can forget all the sadness
that i been kept for a long time
the other person that i want to meet is him
the only guy who i really miss
who is hard for me to forget
who i don't know how is he now

Ya Allah ya tuhanku..
engkau kuatkan hamba dalam menghadapi semua rintangan ini~


♡journey of my life♡