Sunday, January 1, 2012

♡new year♡

finally 2012 arrived!
again would like to wish all of you happy new year!!
*sound of fireworks*
speaking of fireworks..
last night having so much fun watching the fireworks
so so so so so so BEAUTIFUL!!
totally like it
oppss!not LIKE it but LOVE it ^^
well what did you do on your first day of new year??
did you go outing with your family or friends?
well i did.
today when shopping with my beloved friend Miss 'Doraemon' :D
supposed there will be 3people
me, miss dora and miss shimah
but then shimah got emergency
she not feeling well
hope you will get well soon my dear friend
later on during Chinesse New Year we go dating okay :D
we went to Times Square
our favorite place to hangout and shopping
but then..
we suddenly have to went home a bit early
because there so many people there
totally crowded..just like a can of sardine!
totally packed!
i cannot imagine how the KLCC will look like
it might be much much much more packed
*totally don't want to imagine it >.< *
still we able shopping there and snap few photos
honestly, totally miss her so much!
it's been a year we didn't hangout together and snap picture together..
i hope we can meet again and have fun again
hopefully the three of us can meet and hangout together like the old times
oh oh oh..
to Dora's friend who join us there
cannot remember her name though :P
nice to meet you
hope we can 'lepaking' again :D
well thats all for today
see ya on the next post
before that..
here are the photos that we took today ^_^
Assalamualaikum ^_~


Anonymous said...

, shoooooo shuweett. :D :
and kwn dora nama dia meen loh. rasanya ni je pluang jln2 dgn dia sbb dia stay at PD. :D

♡domo-kun♡ said...

haha.iye kee.
nanti kalau dia melawat boleh je jalan2 lagi :)

♡journey of my life♡