Sunday, July 19, 2009

♡the new me♡

Today is the special day for a special person..Today,19 July was his birthday..
It kinda feel a bit odd..Usually we will celebrate his birthday but since he gone already it really feel like something not right..
Well no matter what he will always in our heart and we won't ever forget his special day..

♥ ♥ ♥

19 July is on Sunday and on Sunday I got tuition class..Ah~suddenly feel lazy to go tuition T.T

Well no matter what I can't be lazy in order to get a better result for SPM..

But what to wear today.. Can't choose what to wear today.. Aigoo~ =.=''
After an hour I finally decided to wear his last gift for me (such a great timing to wear it.)
As usual I'll wait my friends at Ampang Park station. They always late and sometimes it pissed me off ==
They late again today..Ah~
They came after 15minutes I arrived at the Ampang Park..
I really want to scold them that day but I can't..They making cute faces to me..I really can't resist cute faces. =3
When the train came we hop in and act like nothing had happen..
We walk to the tuition center while talking (girls always like that.haha)
Its still early for us to enter the class..So we decided to take some memory pictures together.
Believe or not that what we all do when ever we go tuition..We like to take photos..

I only can put that picture..other pictures still with my friend and I forgot to took it.hehe =p

Well back to story, after few minutes becoming temporary model we finally decided to go enter to class..

Don't want to be late though..hehe
As we were walking to class,accidently met the annoying boys group..What alucky day.huhu T.T
Well just act normal and ignore them is our only way to avoid them..

♥ ♥ ♥

Finally class end already!!

So,is my friend and I will directly went home after class ended?

Of course no..Today we plan want to watch Harry Potter movie at times square..
It really take a lot of time to go there..From Setiawangsa have to take train to Dang Wangi and then take monorail to times square..
Arrive at times square around 2pm..As soon as we arrive at the GSC we saw a lot of people line up to buy ticket..
Luckily we don't have to line up cause we book ticket earlier..hehe
After take the ticket we went to lunch first..We so damn hungry. (We could eat a horse for being so hungry =3)
When we finish eating we go for a walk while waiting to get in the cinema..
Sharp on 3pm we line up to buy popcorn and enter the cinema..and watch the movie..
Overall the movie kinda okay but a bit boring=.=''
Today I have so much fun..And today I decided to not being sad anymore..
Now my goal is to study hard and success in my exams..Its useless for being sad for people that gone already..
What gone is gone already and we who still alive should keep move on..

♥ ♥ ♥


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