Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♡those days♡

those days was the best day i ever imagine.
those days was the sweetest moment i will never forget.
those days was the day i met two special person.
who is the bestest friends i ever had.
those days was 4 years ago.
4 years ago we had so so much fun.
laughing together.
hang out together.
joking together.
so any memories we created together.
however, everything changed when the three of us separate.
we rarely hang out together.
we rarely chat together.
the three of us become so busy with studies.
now she going to the international.
i felt so sad when i heard bout it.
i felt like i'm going to stay in the darkness for ever.
am i going to be lonely when she not around here anymore?
am i able to meet her after this?
is our friendship will stay like the old days if she getting so far away from me?
so many questions in my mind.
but still..she my best friend.
even though it a bit sad knowing she going to international..
but at the same time i feel happy for her.
it's for her own good..
i will always pray for her success in the future.

dear my friend,
i know i'm not being a very good friend to you.
i'm really sorry if i cannot be a type of friend that you want.
i'm sorry if i always hurt your feeling.
i'm sorry if i ever make you cry.
i'm sorry if i ever jealous of you.
i really really thanked to God for knowing you.
i never feel regret to have a friend like you.
i will never feel regret.
really thank you for everything that you ever done for me.
really thank you for all the memories that we had together.
i will always remember it.
i hope you won't forget me.
i hope we keep in touch always.
i hope we can be friends forever.
kamsahimida chinggu-ah!
xie xie pengyou!


♡journey of my life♡