Saturday, December 31, 2011

♡last day of 2011♡

what a time!
it's finally the last day of 2011..
cannot believe that tomorrow will be the first day of 2012
it's been a great 2011
so many things had happen during the 2011
all the tears, happiness, and awesomeness of 2011 had been through
it's really has been a wonderful year
where will be celebrating this new year?
well hope you will have fun
this year will be staying home with my family
and will be watching the fireworks in front of my house
this year i can see the fireworks clearly from my house
my 2011 resolution?
so far Alhamdulillah the resolution have been accomplished
as for 2012...
my resolution are..

1. to become slim and cute like this girl
i admit that i become so chubby this year >.<

2. study hard and obtain a great pointer ^_^
3. create more memories
4. spare a lot of my time with my beloved PARENTS ^_^

how about you guys?
did you achieve your 2011 resolution?
i hope you do
how about your 2012 resolution?
i hope you will have a wonderful new year
i hope 2012 will be a year of blissful,a year of fun.
semoga tahun baru akan datang akan lebih diberkati Allah
Insya-Allah ^_^
well sincere from my family and i..


♡journey of my life♡